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Jan Sikes

Thank you, Bernard, for being such a gracious host for Rox and Charles! It's great to see them featured here!

Charles W Jones

I have this on my to read list. (I'm so behind on it.) Thanks for being a great host, Bernard.


Rox and Charles, enjoy your day today!

Bernard, as always, you are the most gracious host! Thank you!

Yvette M Calleiro

I'm happy to see Rox and Charles being highlighted here. I know the Enigma series is long, and I love long series. I have book one on my Kindle, and I look forward to reading it soon. Thanks for hosting, Bernard. :-)

Rox Burkey


Thank you so much for hosting us. The visits and comments are awesome. Love this website! Rox

Robert Fear

Enjoy your day Rox and Charles. Thanks for hosting Bernard.

Bernard Foong

Rox & Charles,
The pleasure is all mine to host the both of you, talented authors. Enjoy your day.
Best wishes,

Miriam Hurdle

Great to see Rox and Charles being featured here. Thank you for hosting, Bernard!

Joy Lo-Bamijoko

Hi, Rox and Charles I wish you a great tour. I have my eyes on your books. Thank you, Bernard, for hosting them.

Wendy Scott

What a great concept for the cover!

John Podlaski

Rox and Charles - good luck on your series and tour. Thank you, Bernard, for hosting this dynamic duo.

Bette Stevens

Great book blurb! I'm hooded...

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A Harem Boy's Saga is a 5 books series.
A Harem Boy's Saga is a 5 books series.
A Harem Boy's Saga is a 5 books series.
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