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Forrest, I have a question...you mention in a lot of your poetry our feelings of self-loathing. Where did this come from and when did it begin? Was it something in your childhood? Was it a person or persons who caused you to feel this? And, do you feel that you now know that you are worthy of all that awaits you?

Bernard, thanks for hosting Forrest today!

Forrest Stepnowski

Thank you Bernard for hosting. You have been an amazing friend and mentor. I appreciate you hosting today!

Forrest Stepnowski

Thank you for your questions regarding the theme of self-loathing. I believe many people go through a time in their life when self loathing is involved. For me, my period of self loathing started in childhood and through my adolescence. One could say I have experienced those feelings in my adulthood, as well. The cause of these feelings were definitely related to incidents are experiences that occurred throughout childhood. I have since outgrown these doubts and feelings of loathing. I will admit that emotion does rear its ugly little head around the corner at times, but I simply write about it and meditate. I am blessed to have an amazing partner in my life who is honest, caring, and supportive, so when those thoughts pop up, I am reminded of my true reality. Thank you Nonnie for asking these amazing questions.

Rhani D'Chae

Hi, Forrest. I hope that you enjoyed your tour as much as I did. Lol I greatly enjoy reading your work, and I love that you are not afraid to speak of the things that made you who you are today. Mother is proud. 😄
Bernard, thank you for hosting.

Bernard Foong

You're welcome, Forrest. It is always a pleasure to host your work and other RRBC authors whose writings make an impact on people's lives. All the best to your blog tour. :)

Joy Lo-Bamijoko

This is a topic that talks to me, Forrest. I had a similar experience that nearly broke me, too. It was by the grace of God that I did not end up a murderer. 😡Thank you, Bernard, for hosting.

Forrest Stepnowski

Rhani, thank you for pushing me to get published and to share my work. You gave me the kick in the pants I needed to finally do it!
Bernard, thank you again for everything!
Joy, there is an old saying that says, "what doesnt kill us makes us stronger". Some of us have been placed in situations where our souls and spirits were being taken away from us. And when one is not identified with the societal norms, it can feel very lonesome and isolating. I am glad to see you survived. It seems we have something in common, we were once lost in an isle of deceit, hate, and anger, however, we used our talents of music, art, and literary prose to heal not only our selves, but everyone around us. It is our light that becomes our voice. Thank you for following this weeks tour!

Jan Sikes

Forrest, this is another thought-provoking emotional piece of poetry. You reveal SO much in the lines. Thank you, Bernard for hosting!

Forrest Stepnowski

Thank you Jan! Thank you for your endless support as well.

Shirley Harris-Slaughter

Forrest, in another of your photos you appear to be a very handsome man. Then I see you made up and you are more comfortable as a female. When did you start feeling an attraction for the same sex? Your poetry is beautiful but I can't get past some parts of it. Are you really trapped in the wrong body? I'm sorry but I have to ask because its needs clarification for us straight people.

Thank you.

Forrest Stepnowski

Hi Shirley,

Thank you for your wonderful questions. To clarify, I identify and live as a man. I am a female impersonator, aka Drag Queen, for entertainment purposes and charity events only. I am comfortable as either, but I do not want to confuse anyone with my gender identity. As far as when I became attracted to the same sex, I have always "been different". My first crush was when I was 13 on a classmate of mine who happened to be the same sex. I grew up in a very religious household and tried to change my thinking and attractions. Some of this lead to self destructive behaviors that could be described in a novel it self. I even pursued marriage when I was 19 in order to hide from my homosexuality. Regarding your topic of being trapped in the wrong body, I would have to say no, as I do not identify as a women. I know some people can get confused with the drag versus transgendered topic, however, it seems people do not realize that the art of Drag has been around since the Elizabethan and Grecian theatrical era where women were not permitted to perform or act. In fact, in Shakespeare's plays in original form there was a cue marking addressed to the female characters as DRaG which is where term Drag queen came from. I hope that explains some difference for you. And thank you for your wonderful questions.

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